Sendai ---an earthquake

December  2012    an earthquake

December 7, 2012  17:18

seismic centre  SANRIKU-OKI

magnitude  7.3

 " tsunami warnings are issued "

tsunami warnings has been canceled  19:20


Sendai / Arahama ---a message

November  2012    a message

...from people

Sendai / Arahama ---yellow flags

November 2012    yellow flags

Around her neck,
She wore a yellow ribbon,

She wore it in the springtime
And in the month of May.

And if you asked her

Why the heck she wore it,

She'd say 

"It's for my lover who is far, far away".

Far away!
Far away!

She wore it for her lover far away.
Around her neck she wore a yellow ribbon.
She wore it for her lover who is far, far away.

"She wore a yellow ribbon / an American fork song"